Christi Zuber on Design Thinking at Kaiser Permanente (004)

I was especially curious to talk to Christi Zuber, as Kaiser Permanente (KP) has been one of the first organisations to experiment using design thinking outside of product design. I met Christi first in 2011 when she was working as in the role of Director and founder of the Human Centred Design efforts at KP (2003-2015).  Still supporting KP’s design and innovation efforts,  she recently reduced her work load to focus on her PhD studies in relation to design and innovation. Thus, I was really happy that to get her to interview for this podcast.

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Diana Joseph on Design Thinking at Citrix (003)

In this episode, I’m talking to Diana Joseph, former Director, Innovation Enablement at Citrix (San Francisco, USA).  At Citrix Diana and her team  developed an intense, hands-on curriculum that focuses on desirability, viability and feasibility.  To make that happen, they brought together DT, lean startup, customer discovery, value exchange, agile and other toolkits. The framework allowed them to grow culture, mentor teams and run innovation classes, bootcamps, and incubators across the organisation.

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Tobias Haug on Design Thinking at SAP (002)

Welcome to episode two of season one where we focus on how to bring design and innovation to large organizations. In this episode I’ve talked to Tobias Haug. Tobias is a Head of Design & Co-Innovation Center, EMEA at SAP.

As we all know, it is challenging to engage individuals, teams, and organizations in design thinking. While, there is no “one size fits all solution”, Tobias shares some insightful experiences and stories on this very topic. From my point of view, this interview highlights the importance of being employee and colleague centric when trying to educate others in working with customers and users.

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Human Centered Design in Banking

More and more banks are jumping on the design thinking and service design band wagon, often as a means to conform to the latest hype “digital transformation”. Given the number of bank cases that pop-up on the topic, the movement towards human centered design practices creates a massive pull that convinces more and more banks to develop their innovation capabilities. This is accomplished through various means such as acquiring design and innovation consultancies as in the case of AdaptivePath by Capital One, or through the set-up of internal service design / user experience labs or centers. What ever the means, the number of banks competing in building innovation capabilities has risen dramatically in the last couple of years. As banking is a unique (and currently troubled) business setting where innovation faces many industry-specific barriers, this article is a first attempt to collect interesting stories and case material related to banking. While the amount of information is massive – the list below is by no means complete – it seems like a deeper study would be needed to get a map of what is happening in terms of design and human centered innovation in banking.

First Collection of International Banks (29.April.2016)

Bank Country Usage (known) Links
Deutsche Bank Germany In-house student projects Executive summary of a research article on lessons learned

Design Thinking at Deutsche Bank (Website)

BBVA Spain Innovation Center

Internal / external network

BBVA project by continuum

Article on new BBVA services and journey.

BNP Paribas France Innovation Center(s)

Business accelerator

Official Website on innovation

Map of innovation centers in France

ING Bank  Netherlands  Innovation Studio for Startup and internal teams
Capital One  USA  Innovation Center  Experimentation on mobile banking
IXONIA Bank  USA  Interview with bank director
Umpqua Bank USA  Interview with Lani Hayward, EVP of creative services
ANZ Banking Group  Customer centricity at ANZ
OP Financial Group Interview with Olla Jones, Business Designer (member access only)


AMP Bank  Australia  Innovation Festival (Case Study in book) Interview on building innovation capabilities (similar presentation: 1, 2 )

Craig Rayman (CIO) on IT, user centeredness and innovation at AMP

Wells Fargo USA On bringing customer centric innovation to the bank

Interesting Resources


Case study of a service design workshop at a finish bank

Book: James A Gardner (2011) Innovation and the future of Banking 

Video: Building innovation capabilities at AMP Bank – Interview

Video: Simple – Reinvent Banking. Case story of a customer centric bank services development

Further articles and case stories

Service Design and Technology in Retail Banking  (2011)

Frontend UX Consultancy (2015) Service Design in Consumer Banking: the challenges and opportunities 

edenspeakerman_ (2016) Aruba Bank: a service design approach to revitalise a brand

IDEO (2004) 1st Bank USA – case story

Business week (2006) Bank of America, keep the change 

Further articles on design thinking / service design and customer centricity on


Ben Grossman-Kahn on bringing Design Thinking to Nordstrom (001)

The first season of Innovate by Design is exploring how design and innovation can be fostered inside large organizations. My first guest this season and on the show is Ben Grossman-Kahn, who is the former director of Nordstrom’s People Innovation Lab and recent founder of Ben has background in education and was a coach at the at Stanford University before joining Nordstrom in 2011 to bring design thinking to the company. At Nordstrom he became part of the Innovation Lab Team before starting the Technology People Lab.

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